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We are programming and developing the #1 Global Audio Mobile GPS-Alarm Social Messenger

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Keep your GPS ON at all time. In case of an emergency just say your TapOne SAFETY WORD to get help.

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The APP runs in the background once it is configured. Keep your GPS on at all time for maximum protection!

One word is enough.

The APP uses a special voice recognition software. During the set-up you need to set up a SAFTEY WORD. In case of an emergency just say your TapOne SAFETY WORD and nearby TapOne Users and first-time assistants will get a notification alarm plus all needed details to help you as fast possible.


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TapOne starts April/May 2020

Our App will be available on


Get real-time protection on crime and suspicious activity around your current position wherever you are in the world. The TapOne (T1) APP protects you with an automatic personal Mobile Audio GPS-Alarm Social Messenger Network based on your radius. We call it "neighborhood watch". ONE WORD IS ENOUGH! The APP uses a special voice recognition software in case of any kind of an emergency just say your TapOne SAFTY WORD and with GPS, Wi-Fi und LBS/GSM we track you and the emergency location to send you help as fast as possible.

You will get the help you need without speaking to us as soon as possible. Only when your emergency word is mentioned we can hear and record audio and speech for safety reasons and track you within seconds until help is given by your "neighbourhood watch", police or ambulance. The App will also work on Smart Watches with a special App.

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Meet The TapOne Start-Up Team
Our international TapOne controlling and management team!

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Hannes Nordmann Mohamed

CEO, founder and development director
team image

Matayo "Slim" Mganda

CFO and Executive director
team image

Aleyna Khatib

Chief information security officer (CISO)
team image

Priya Ansari

Creative director and front-end developer

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Our motto: One word is enough!

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